Accupack is World’s largest Format parts/Change parts manufacturer for Blister and Cartoning Machines for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer complete Toolings for almost all well-known Blister and Cartoning machines.

We recognize the importance of timely solution for our clients which are cost-effective and productive and focus on ensuring an optimal solution for all format parts/change parts needs in Blister and Cartoning machines.

Our product range covers thermoform, cold form, tropical & Deep Draw blister tooling. We have vast experience in the supply of dedicated Blister feeding systems like Rotary Brush Feeder, Universal Brush Feeder and Shuttle Feeder.

As a one-stop shop for your complete tooling needs, Accupack brings the advantages of seamless integration and ease of project management. Whether your packaging line is an integrated blister cartoning line from the same supplier or a custom line consisting of equipment from separate manufacturers, we can provide you with the same level of tooling quality and service for all your blister packing and cartoning format parts.

At our hub in Mumbai, India, we have a team of young, highly qualified professionals working in a state of the art manufacturing facility with the latest CAD-CAM software and CNC machines. We have nine blister packing machines at our plant, which allows testing and validation of blister tooling before dispatching to ensure that the product is ready for “plug-and-play” when it arrives at your site.


  • Single source assembly and manufacturing for precisely fitting tools that meet your requirements perfectly
  • Easy Plug and Play of machines
  • Highest level of quality as a result of our total quality management system and well-defined quality policies
  • Validation documentation and Material of Construction (MOC) certificates for the supplied format parts, including on-site service

Format Parts Carrier – EasyCare

The shelf life of format parts and blister format parts has been a growing concern for pharmaceutical companies. Format parts have often got damaged in handling as compared to accidents or wrong metallurgy.

As a commitment to envision engineering possibilities, Accupack has introduced Easycare. A convenient and compactly designed format parts carrier, the Easycare system helps in changeover – safely and easily.


  • 100% safe transfer of Format Parts
  • Customisable as per machine model
  • Designed for operator safety
  • Rigid & compact Design
  • Ensures longevity of Format Parts
  • Enables easy changeover