• Output of Upto 400 blisters/min
  • Flat Blisters
  • Servo Driven Indexing
  • Compatible with major Rotary Machines Change Parts
  • Small Foot Print

  • Servo Driven Indexing
  • Larger Format Area
  • Improvised Pick & Place mechanism ensuring more cutting cycles
  • Fast & Reliable feeding solutions
  • Rigid Timing belt drive ensuring clean & Low noise functioning

  • Tool less quick change over
  • Full Balcony design
  • Ergonomic Design ensures operator comfort
  • Minimal setting parameters ensuring quick start
  • Provision for downstream automation with good pack diverter
  • Jaw type key less mechanism for easy placement of base and lidding material
  • Machine equipped with safety Interlocks, Phase failure detection, Splicing table, Auto feeding stop arrangement

Better Quality
  • No Bend Blister
  • In-built Plug assist assembly for intricate forms and special materials
  • Forming Index with Servo controlled for accurate advance
  • Versatile to major thermo formable materials like PVDC and Aclar
  • Dedicated embossing station ensures high quality batch code details with hot embossing facility
  • Full cGMP Compliance
  • Temperature setting through HMI

Easy Interface
  • Advance Human Machine Interface having
    1. All temperature settings
    2. All speed settings
    3. Recipe storage & selection for 50 products
  • 3 level password

  • Edge to edge print registration saving foil cost
  • Can accommodate major Rotary change parts
  • No change parts for edge to edge prc

Technical Specifications
Blister Pack Length:
222 mm
Blister Pack Width:
200 mm
Blister Forming Depth:
12 mm
Machine Cutting Speed:
150 Strokes / min (Max)
Machine web Speed:
7.5 Meters / min (Max)
PVC Film Width:
230 mm (Max)
PVC Reel Diameter:
440 mm (Max)
Alu Foil Width:
220 mm (Max)
Foil Reel Diameter:
210 mm (Max)
Maximum Core Diameter:
70 mm
Electrical Input:
~3N + PE, 400V AC, 50Hz
Air Requirement:
8 CFM at 6 bar
Cooling Water Requirement:
18 Liters / Min at 15°C - 20°C
Machine Weight:
2200 Kg
Lidding Material:
Aluminium foil / CR Foil / Laminated Paper
Average Power Consumption:
12 KVA
Forming Material: